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Super Bloom 147 (Amaryllis after the storm)

Super Bloom 147 (Amaryllis after the storm)

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This piece is inspired by an Amaryllis flower that recently grew at our house in London.  During the long winter’s days, I am always looking for signs of life.  I have always wanted to try forcing a flower bulb to grow and it seemed very foreign, a bit strange to me.  Until this flower appeared.  It came from a box from the grocery store in the produce aisle.  My daughter was like - “Pick that one!”  A lone bulb in a box that promised a flower if watered and kept near sunlight.  My husband paid more attention to it than I did.  It looked pretty bleak in the beginning - a tiny green shoot emerging from the big bulb.  Then the daily reports started coming in - “Hey, look at that leaf... oooh, that looks like it will be a blossom, wow - it’s getting so tall.”  Then one day it blossomed - a firework candy burst of beauty in the middle of grey still days.

This piece is part of the EMERGENCE COLLECTION - celebrating the beauty of life percolating under the surface, waiting to burst forward into the spring.  A lesson in patience and grace and allowing Mother Nature to do her work.  

I do my best to capture the true colors of this original, but please note that colors may appear differently on your screen.  

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