Parade of Patchwork

I love a good quilt.  Like all patchwork pieces, each square, each piece represents a little labor of love.  I've been around quilts all of my life - from my French grandmother who would use every scrap of things to create something new, to my grandmother Shirley who would buy up quilts from auctions at estate sales. 


I'm especially into crazy quilts that are a bit random and don't focus on perfection or symmetry, but on the process of putting together beautiful fabrics.  During lockdown, I made my first real quilt with a couple of friends.  We called ourselves the Wonky Quilt Club, so much fun.  The project not only taught me how to make a large quilt, but it also kept me calm and in the best company.  


So this collection of monoprints is what I also call the labor of love collection.  Each square is a monoprint, patched together mini painting by mini painting over the course of a few months.  They look good on their own, and lined up together on a wall look even stronger.  

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