The SHITSHOW collection

I may or may not utter this phrase on a regular basis.  What's a SHITSHOW?  Usually a first world problem that includes lots of disorganisation that inevitably gets fixed and things are ok.  Probably a few stories to tell after.  It's not really a show but a situation.  Like moving into a new place and the previous tenant doesn't want to leave and the cleaning crew and moving crews are all ready to go.  Chaos.  SHITSHOW.  Fyre Fest.  Definitely a SHITSHOW and probably more of a dumpster fire, really.  That upcoming family get together where the conversation inevitably leads to a heated political discussion?  You guessed it - a SHITSHOW situation.  Anyway, here's my work in progress. Perfect for your art collection of you need your own snarky take on the inevitability of things going entertainingly wrong.  #shitshow


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