1973 “Flower Power” series

As a young child, one of my fondest memories was going to art class.  My father was in the Navy and I moved around a lot, so the art studio was a special place where I could let my imagination run wild.  We were living for a short time in picturesque Monterey, California where my father was attending the Naval Postgraduate School.  It was the early 70’s, and I remember fondly the big 7-Up signs and Peter Maxx inspired artwork in that time period that always made me happy.  This little series was created on thin sheets of paper with craft paint inside of a makeshift trailer that served as my classroom.   


Even before I knew about creating a cohesive body of work, you could say that this series tapped into my creative style that I was discovering, even as a young girl. Years later, I used these rudimentary flower images as the inspiration for my boutique’s logo.  The spirit of these images continues to flow through much of my current artwork.   I hung pieces from the series in my boutique and would often have people comment on them and even inquire about purchasing the originals.  Little did I know that as they were hanging over my adult shoulder, these pieces served as a gentle reminder to move forward with the artistic inclinations that I felt as a young girl.  I hope to release these soon as a print series.  Stay tuned.