Meet Me At The Flower Market

I created this collection of mini blooms as a tribute to my love of the community that happens when we go to the flower market.  In London, there are flower stalls and markets all over the city, each with their own individual floral style.  As many of you know, I made a decision to work as a florist last year.  It's been quite a ride to learn the trade and I'm lucky to have this steady stream of work that inspires and helps me grow my own art practice.   I work at an outdoor flower stall in Bermondsey and it's one of the most physical jobs I've had.  I have such an appreciation for all of the hands that go into growing these flowers as well as Mother Nature herself who helps create all of this.  I see regular customers and love how the stall evolves as the season changes.  Here's a tribute to my work at the flower market.
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