Ask M.E. / FAQ’s

Why do your prices vary in US Dollars and other currencies?

I live in the United Kingdom and price my pieces using the British Pound.  Exchange rates fluctuate daily.  


Do we ship worldwide?

Yes. It’s a global economy, baby!  


What galleries are you in?

Currently all of my work is showcased here and sold directly through me.  If you are interested in representing my work, just send me a message here.  


How often do you come out with new works?

Every month, if not sooner.  You can see my works in progress that I show daily on my Instagram feed, @MEandBlue.  


Do you do commissions?

Currently I am taking commissions for large scale domestic, commercial paintings and surface design projects. Let’s talk!  


Are you still designing the ME & Blue clothing line?

ME & Blue has been on a bit of fashion hiatus since I closed my boutique in Venice in 2015.  I have an archive of all of my original patterns and samples that is waiting for me when I’m ready.  


Are you ever moving back to the United States?



Did you leave the U.S. because of the election?  

No.  We had secured a job and were waiting on visa paperwork long before the election results.  


To learn more about me, go to my Hello!  page as well as the ME & Blue page.