Love a certain flower? I can do a monoprint just for you in the bloom(s) of your choice and in a size and colours to suit your style. Message for inquiries. XO, M.E.

My latest collection, inspired by hot summer days and the lemonade stand my daughter set up...

I Need A Moment...

I grew up with the hustle, go go go culture. Nowadays, though, I find myself taking way more breaks and making sure that there's time for a bit of reflection. Recently my daughter uttered the words "I NEED A MOMENT" and I was so happy to hear the words that many of us need right now. I need a moment. What about you? XO, M.E.

Hello, We Meet Again Collection - on view at Long White Cloud Cafe in Hoxton

I am excited to have a solo show that I hung early March 2022 at the Long White Cloud Cafe in Hoxton, east London. I recently moved into my own art studio and go over there regularly. You can see the works in person and I'm happy to meet you for coffee, even!

I’m calling this body of work, “Hello, we meet again.” It’s a nod to the idea of a creative practice that evolves and sometimes is worked over, sometimes it simply hangs next to something it’s never been in proximity to. I find this to be true IRL as well – we meet again with people we haven’t seen before. Some things are totally new in our conversations, other moments seem layered with an almost feeling of before and after. As our world continues to change, I think this will be more and more true. The essence of all of us remains, though. This is I find to be the most reassuring. 

Brighten up your home with colorful, sunshine infused art.

You can purchase my art here as well at M1 Fine Art Gallery in Greenwich.

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M.E. Ster-Molnar creates colorful, original sunshine infused works of art.
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