Rhea- upcycled cashmere scarf - fall confetti color way

Rhea- upcycled cashmere scarf - fall confetti color way

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I grew up with warm weather.  I’m a sunshine girl and I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of cold weather.  Enter cashmere!  

This piece is called Rhea - named after the goddess of comfort.  I mean seriously, there's nothing more cozy and comfortable than a yummy cashmere scarf around the neck.  

Some years ago, I discovered a cashmere sweater at the Rose Bowl flea market in Los Angeles.  That’s all it took.  I wore it and loved it.  Ever since then, I’ve been dreaming of doing some sort of a cashmere collection.

So I took my color and sense of composition and have started to create a collection of usable art pieces.  They're inspired by my love of vintage quilts that my grandmother used to collect.  I have a vintage collection of quilts that were handed down to me and remind me cozy times with her.

These cashmere scarves are made of vintage cashmere and factory offcuts and are shrunk and dried before I assemble them together.  I use an intuitive, improvisational method and add touches of color with neon thread that is used to combine them all together.  

Like traditional quilts, the beauty is in the imperfections.  I send these off with a lavender sachet, 3 patches, and extra thread so that you can care for repair the pieces as they are warn and loved over the years.  

This variation has approx 47 separate pieces of cashmere, intuitively sewn together.  I’m calling this color pallet - fall confetti.  Each one is different and no two are alike.  

I can create a bespoke scarf for you with a color pallet of your choosing, please email me@meandblue.com to discuss.  


10” x 66” 

26 cm x 168 cm

Dry clean only.

Worldwide shipping.