Deposit for Jo- Bespoke Floral Mega Bloom sized Monoprint - 76 cm x 110 cm (landscape format) - made just for you!

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110 x 76 Mega Bloom original commissioned print for Jo. 

Ethereal Daisies, similar to DAISIES AT DUSK, but in a landscape (wide) format.  76 cm high, 110 cm wide.  

I will create several versions for you to choose from in a similar color to the original DAISIES AT DUSK with similar asymetry, imperfections, and depth that are exhibited in the original.

The ones not chosen will be available to my collectors and galleries once you make your decision.  

Copyright for all of the ones created is owned by M.E. Ster-Molnar

Estimated delivery - 15 March 2024 (if I need more time I will let you know) 

50% of cost.  (695 GBP plus 100 commission premium) = 795.  Deposit must be paid in order for me to secure my calendar and purchase supplies and before I start work (25 Feb approx)

Second deposit will be the other 50% (due upon completion before shipping), The second deposit will be plus shipping that we coordinate (or if you decide to hand carry back home in a tube).  If you decide to ship it, I recommend shipping in a tube, and having a signature confirmation upon delivery.  We will discuss this as necessary.


I love painting florals and can do a custom piece just for you. Simply let me know what flower(s) you want featured and what colors you are looking for. I can create a one off original monoprint just for you that works for the space that you want to match it with. Got a pretty couch that needs a work above it? I can do that. What about a gallery wall that needs a feature piece? Yes, I can do that too. These works are created by painting onto a silkscreen and then transferring the image directly to paper.

How does it work?

Please let me know what type of flower you want me to do, color preferences, and if there is a similar work that I have created that has spoken to you.

From there I'll do a few back and forth emails and even a quick zoom call if you wish.  I want to make a beautiful piece of art for you!  

Ships rolled in a tube, global shipping. Or collection in London.  We will figure it out.