Big Sky Bloom - original floral painting

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Big Sky Bloom is part of a series of paintings that I did for a show at Long White Cloud cafe in Hoxton, east London in spring 2022.  

I’m calling this body of work, “Hello, we meet again.” It’s a nod to the idea of a creative practice that evolves and sometimes is worked over, sometimes it simply hangs next to something it’s never been in proximity to. I find this to be true IRL as well – we meet again with people we haven’t seen before. Some things are totally new in our conversations, other moments seem layered with an almost feeling of before and after. As our world continues to change, I think this will be more and more true. The essence of all of us remains, though. This is I find to be the most reassuring. 

Using a layered, intuitive process, this painting incorporates painted layers beneath it, a sort of conversation between the old and the new.  I love how this particular piece has a lot of open space, reminiscent of a particular summer in the late 90's when I spent quality time in Montana with you sister, Blue.  They call it Big Sky Country for good reason - it feels so spacious with endless optimism.  

The edges of the painting are have a slight layer of gesso which shows the layers of paint below, my favorite way.  If you prefer to have them finished all in white or another color, please let me know.  

Please note that I can arrange a few ways for this painting to get to you - collection in person in London,  shipping in the UK and worldwide stretch on the frame, shipping unstretched and rolled up in the UK and worldwide.  

Free collection in London, all others will receive a separate shipping invoice after payment is received.  Please email with inquiries so that I can give you a proper shipping quote.  

Artwork copyright M.E. Ster-Molnar / ME & Blue 

Mixed media - oil paints, spray paint, acrylic paint & graphite.  

90 cm x 90 cm wide, approx 1" deep 

Ready to hang, wired at the back

Signed at the bottom right and at the back

2019 - 2022.