I NEED A MOMENT - Midnight Party

I NEED A MOMENT - Midnight Party

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FRAMED AND CURRENTLY ON VIEW AT M1 GALLERY IN GREENWiCh, LONDON.  *Please contact the gallery directly to purchase this.” 020 8269 0906

Recently my daughter uttered the words, "I need a moment" and a lightbulb went off.  Thank goodness she's not buying into the hustle culture that I was raised in.  As a Generation X worker bee, I was conditioned for many years to go go go.  Nowadays, I'm way happier when I listen to my body and mind and take breaks.  Anyone else need a moment right about now? 

This is part of a series and each one in the edition is different.  I create these by hand painting onto a silkscreen, then transferring the image to the paper below, using a squeegee.  The marks and imperfections are all part of the monoprint process and create the one of a kind effect.  


56 cm x 76 cm onto 300 GSM, high quality paper.  Unframed.  Worldwide shipping in a tube.  


Copyright reserved by M.E. Ster-Molnar