You’re the Best - original heart painting

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You’re the Best is part of an ongoing series of large scale heart paintings that addresses the concept of love.  


Using a layered, intuitive process, this painting addresses through paint and random words my thoughts on expressing love to people that we don’t say it to often enough.  As I created this, I thought of friends and loved ones who are always with me - through darkness and light.  Even if I don’t see them all of the time or speak with them frequently, when we connect, it’s like no time has passed.  These are the best friends and loved ones.  You are never alone because of them.  


The interplay of written words that are sometimes layered over adds to the concept.    Visible words are meant to be read and pondered.   I did a few words in this piece ... “Have I told you?  You are the best.  You really are.”   


These painting surprise me as I work - sometimes the paint does the talking, sometimes the words that I put down does, and sometimes they even seem to speak to each other.  I take my time - I work fast, then slow.  I sit back, evaluate, then move back into the painting quickly.  


What I’m most proud of with this series of paintings is how the hearts truly bring out a sense of emotion as well as discovery.  When I hung them up for show recently, I couldn’t help but feel super excited that the color and scale of this work really brought a whole new sense of play to the space.


The edges of the painting are raw and layered with paint, my favorite way.  If you prefer to have them finished all in white or another color, please let me know.  


Artwork copyright M.E. Ster-Molnar / ME & Blue 

Mixed media - oil paints, spray paint, acrylic paint & graphite.  

80 cm x 80 cm wide, 4 cm deep / 31.5” x 31.5” x 1 3/4” deep

Ready to hang, wired at the back

Signed at the bottom right and at the back

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