Hello there! If you're in London, please check out a couple of places where my work is visible in person. London Lighthouse Gallery group show (til 31 May) and my solo show, "Hello We Meet Again" at Long White Cloud cafe in Hoxton (til mid June 2022). XO, M.E. me@meandblue.com

Festival Bloom Series

I have liked the idea of two different monprints juxtaposed together.  The Festival Bloom series celebrates all things music and the feeling of being alone with the music, but actually surrounded by a sea of people.


I recently went to a concert with my husband.  We got pretty close to the stage and were well aware that there were plenty of people in front of us.  But when we left between the last song and the impending encore, we realized how deep the sea of people was.  We were like little dancing flowers within a superbloom of an even larger happening.  It felt surreal, especially after a couple of years of on and off isolation.  

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