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Charlotte throw - cozy one of a kind cashmere blanket - fall confetti

Charlotte throw - cozy one of a kind cashmere blanket - fall confetti

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I grew up with warm weather.  I’m a sunshine girl and I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of cold weather.  Enter cashmere!

Some years ago, I discovered a cashmere sweater at the Rose Bowl flea market in Los Angeles.  That’s all it took.  I wore it and loved it.  Ever since then, I’ve been dreaming of doing some sort of a cashmere collection.  And I’m like Linus from Peanuts - I love a good blanket!  I designed this piece to work as a throw / travel blanket / chunky scarf.  Easy enough to take on the go in your tote bag, chunky enough to be the blanket that everyone in your family fights over.  

So I took my color and sense of composition and have started to create a collection of usable art pieces.  These cashmere blankets are made of vintage cashmere and factory offcuts and are shrunk and dried before I assemble them  from together.  I use an intuitive, improvisational method and add touches of color with neon thread that is used to combine them all together.  

Like traditional quilts, the beauty is in the imperfections.  I send these off with a lavender sachet, 3 patches, and extra thread so that you can care for repair the pieces as they are warn and loved over the years.  

I created this blanket using approximately 70 pieces of cashmere assembled together.  I’m calling this color pallet - fall confetti.

I can create a bespoke blanket for you with a color pallet of your choosing, please email me@meandblue.com to discuss.  

Each blanket comes with 3 extra cashmere patches and a scented lavender scented sachet (I use essential oil and cotton pads instead of seeds inside to ease shipping across international borders).  


100 cm x 190 cm 

39” x 75” 

Dry cleaning only.

Worldwide shipping.