Custom for Rachel- cozy one of a kind cashmere - balance due

Custom for Rachel- cozy one of a kind cashmere - balance due

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I grew up with warm weather.  I’m a sunshine girl and I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of cold weather.  Enter cashmere!  Add in the idea that I believe that you should live WITH art.  This is a usable art piece that gets better with time.  

I’ve worked most of my career in fashion and sometimes miss the tactile nature of soft textiles.  I love the idea of rolling out a usually blanket or two with each collection release.  This one accompanies the Light Bright collection, celebrating brightness emerging after dark times.  

Some years ago, I discovered a cashmere sweater at the Rose Bowl flea market in Los Angeles.  That’s all it took.  I wore it and loved it.  Ever since then, I’ve been dreaming of doing some sort of a cashmere collection.  And I’m like Linus from Peanuts - I love a good blanket!  I designed this piece to work as a throw / travel blanket / chunky scarf.  Easy enough to take on the go in your tote bag, chunky enough to be the blanket that everyone in your family fights over.  

So I took my color and sense of composition and have started to create a collection of usable art pieces.  These cashmere blankets are made of vintage cashmere and factory offcuts and are shrunk and dried before I assemble them  from together.  I use an intuitive, improvisational method and add touches of color with neon thread that is used to combine them all together.  

Like traditional quilts, the beauty is in the imperfections.  Check out the women of Gees Bend in Alabama who started this trend.  They are the true pioneers of this wonky quilt movement. 

I send these off with a lavender sachet, 3 patches, and extra thread so that you can care for repair the pieces as they are warn and loved over the years.  

I created this blanket using just over 100 pieces of cashmere assembled together.  I’m calling this color pallet - Light Bright.  

I can create a bespoke blanket for you with a color pallet of your choosing, please email ... 

Custom size for Rachel as per our email and IG messages. 

Dry cleaning only.

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