Collage #3 (Emerging triple sparkle love hearts)

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This collage piece is part of the EMERGENCE COLLECTION - celebrating the beauty of life percolating under the surface, waiting to burst forward into the spring.  A lesson in patience and grace and allowing Mother Nature to do her work.  I also consider EMERGENCE to be trying new things out, like this collage.  I vowed with my 2020 words to BE MORE ME, and collages are one of my favorite things to do.  


Mixed media materials, Papers used are all one of a kind, screen printed onto archival paper.  I work out of a screen print studio in East London called The Print Club as well as my home studio.  


When I create my mono prints, I often have extra pieces of paper that have the “ghost” images of my original works. I use these scraps for creating these collages...  I glue these down, adding bits of pastel, paint, ripping and tearing and even adding some fun stitching to my works.  Sometimes I pull out one of my hand cut stencils and add a bit of spray paint, sometimes I cover over bits that need a bit of wide open space.  Some might consider this way less wasteful than putting extra paper in the scrap bin, and I agree.  But I really just love the idea that things can be layered, added, removed, shifting along the way and celebrating the beautiful imperfections of life.


I do my best to capture the true colors of this original, but please note that colors may appear differently on your screen.  


Due to the nature of the collage process,  imperfections are part of the beauty of it.  Torn paper edges, missed stitches, loose threads and brush marks are all to be celebrated in this piece.  


Image size:  

65 cm x 80 cm at the widest and longest points



I suggest having this float framed professionaly under glass to protect the paper and to show the layers.  


I offer framing options in London for pick up only, please email with any inquiries.  


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