Beauty Secrets

I started this lists of “Beauty Secrets” when my daughter was born.  At the time, my husband was living across the country, and I was living in Venice, California.  My daughter, Bonnie-Blue and I were living in a tiny apartment and it was like a slumber party every day.  As we would get ready, I started rattling off a list of things to remember for self care.  Ironically, at the time I wasn’t taking such great care of myself.  I was drinking way too much caffeine, didn’t have a great skincare routine, and had so much on my plate that stopping to think about anything besides how to keep my clothing boutique and life going wasn’t an option.


Fast forward several years, and my life is more under control.  These “Beauty Secrets” are still rattled off on a regular basis and the “No Whining” option helps to keep me sane. 

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