A tribute to Summer, the rock star kitty.

Meet the band, The Stardust Summer Experience.  

(left) Pixie-Mae, the boxer - lead guitarist and head tail wagger.  

(center) Bonnie-Blue, the girl - lead singer and songwriter.  

(right) Summer, the cat - silent bass player and spiritual band guru.  

But first, the background.  I managed this motley crew for many years.   I discovered Summer 7 years ago as a cone head kitty from a shelter in the vast valley of Los Angeles, the City of Angels.  As I perused the place for a companion for an ailing dog, I spotted this gal.  Paws reaching out of the wire cage to coax me into taking her home and into the music studio.  It worked.  That was the last jail time for her.  

The people at the shelter were curious why I would choose a medical case.  WHY?  Because she was cool and had plenty of music still left in her.  I just knew it.  She may have lived life on the wild side before we met, but those days were over.

Sure enough, this badass kitty cat kept things together with her humble and calm spirit in the midst of the craziness of stardom and life on the road.  Like E.F. Hutton, when she meowed, people listened.  Extreme hunger, or another band member taking over her precious tie-dyed floor cushion were all grounds for a spat.  She was quick to express herself and always won.  

Summer was the calm presence to the other members of the band that came and went.  The best friend to every dog (oops, guitar player!) that sadly kept passing through our lives and to the rainbow bridge.  These doggies lived and played hard, and she was right beside them to keep them in check.  She even laid down to rest with Pixie-Mae as her angel spirit flitted up to the heavens after too much strain on her heart.  

Like most bands, The Stardust Summer Experience toured heavily, and came to call Los Angeles, then Asheville, then London their home.  And all too common, this trio broke up due to the circumstances of life:  Bonnie-Blue grew up and went to school, Pixie-Mae died from heart failure (and so did others before and after her) and Summer ultimately suffered a stroke.  Her fans tried to keep the magic of the band alive and threw a celebratory festival to raise money for their beloved badass kitty cat.   Alas, the music came to a bittersweet end.  Just as the spirit of Summer swept up to the heavens and her body ceased to exist, her magical presence was felt as she transitioned to the rainbow bridge in the sky.  She was strumming her bass guitar and purring to her loving fans.  Her songs would soon be heard every time a prism of color streaked across the sky after a lovely rainstorm to wash away their tears.  

Cue the music.  XO, M.E. 

Summer Ann Molnar.   


  • beautiful story – I can practically hear the music


  • Love this story and I really felt how your heart was full and your intuition ignited when you chose this kitty. I would say “sorry for your loss” but instead I will say I am happy for the gain you had when she was with you and your family.


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