Musings - May 2017.

Introducing a new blog feature... an interplay of words and images to let you know what’s on my mind this month.  


Feline fun fox I spy.

A gift, but NO.  MY

photo dreams dash

away as she sneaks




And ahead,

flowers above and 


my feet.                   And NEXT...

I zigzag down

a narrow alley.  

Cobblestone streets & 

pretty flower boxes 

against marigold

stucco walls.  


I spy history.  

The Mayflower.

Fleeting thoughts back

to home.  

Brick walls of ideas

unrealized, but soon

to break through.

And a sunroom to 

show the possibilities.

Birds outside like the rogue

pigeon, wild and unkempt.

And the yellow roses.  

that bloom irreverently.

I slip inside to an array 

of technicolor possibilities.

Color, paintings, all set

to be finished in their

own unpredicatable time...

Like jewels that reveal

themselves suddenly at the

bottom of the river, ready

for their proper owner.

To be unveiled in pretty

pink boxes with thank you 

notes and spreading the 

best of intentions upon



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