Hello there! If you're in London, please check out a couple of places where my work is visible in person. London Lighthouse Gallery group show (til 31 May) and my solo show, "Hello We Meet Again" at Long White Cloud cafe in Hoxton (til mid June 2022). XO, M.E. me@meandblue.com

ME & Blue - August mix tape

It’s back!  Summer tunes for your enjoyment.  I’ve been relishing in a fun vacation in the U.S. and this mix is inspired by a bit of nostalgia, fun easy sunny days, and lots of laughs. Enjoy!  


XO, M.E. 

p.s. This isn’t sponsored, fyi.  I love Spotify and if you love music like me and don’t have the app on your phone or on your computer, you may want to indulge so that you can listen to all of the tunes in this mix in their entirety.

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