Countdown to 50 (or the woes of a Generation X middle aged mamma)

I turn 50 at the end of this year.  That’s December 30th in case you’re curious.  I’m trying to wear it like a badge of honor and embrace it, but the number seems daunting.  I’m officially middle aged and there’s nothing super sexy about saying it.  As I approach this landmark day,  I’m taking inventory on myself, my life and what’s ahead and trying to approach it all with grace.  I realize that I won’t be getting a free pass as I go through menopause, and will be working on embracing that with an upbeat attitude, too.


Recently I went through six weeks of WTF - Why have I had a period for 6 weeks?  Why is my stomach bloating like crazy?  Why am I having joint pain in my right hand?  And why the hell hasn’t anybody warned me about the shitshow that is about to go down with this stuff?  I’ve heard about hot flashes and have accommodated women who needed a window open or a breath of fresh air in the past.  That seemed doable.  But mood changes, several visits to the local clinic, feeling like I’m under a dark cloud, and a dose of hormones followed by sleepless nights weren’t doing it for me.  It feels a lot better now as I have taken up mile long swims on a regular basis, vitamin supplements, and committing to walking around 15 miles a week.  Yay for not having a car and a mile long walking commute to and from my daughter’s school.  


Remember how Judy Bloom made it cool to go through puberty and helped make the process of becoming a woman relatable?  Where’s that mentor now for mid life?  Somebody please tell me, I’m all ears.  And a sappy brochure from my doctor or a cheezy pharmaceutical commercial isn’t going to cut it.  


I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast for quite a while that talks about being between things in life.  If you’ve followed my journey for the past couple of years, it’s been a series of changes and discoveries.  But now the podcast is starting to feel like it will soon become a reality.  I love the energy and chutzpah of most millenials and what they have to say, but most don’t hold the level of life experience that I want to hear and talk about.  I’m Generation X and proud of it.  So please, please, please.  Help me out.  If you have any comments, ideas, or topics that you would like me to discuss in this murky mid life, hit me up.  I’m so surprised at the lack of open conversations that talk about realizing dreams and then moving on to the next ones with grace.  I’m beginning to wonder if women just hide under a rock at this point in their lives?  Hell no.  I’m going to make it fun.  Come along, I’m going to need the company.  





  • I look forward to hearing what you have to say. What about topics regarding motherhood at a later stage. I am 42 and sometimes I feel old next to younger mothers. Some people are grandmothers at my age. What about looking good and stylish? How does that change? I think it is great that society’s outlooks are changing in regards to older women being desirable,

    Bernadette Banaszak
  • Great post! I totally agree. I am 41 but there isn’t a whole lot out there for moving forward with fun and grace and beauty. You may like a woman I have recently started following named Kitty Cavalier. I honesty don’t know how old she is but she offers up the world spicy and loving perspectives of being woman. If I see anything or anybody else I send them along too!

    Miranda Wildman

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