Color Palette - rockstar red meets luscious lime


It’s hard to UNsee - 

80’s visions of lipstick enhanced

video vixen faces, 

now emerging in daring swatches of color

at local boutiques and

on my Instagram feed.  

Reminding me of nightclubs

and new wave nights in allover 

black and my signature glam goddess

lipstick.  So slick.  

Opposite on the color wheel,

the gods must have been asleep 

when they invented this ghastly green.

So lovely in nature, yet overly offensive from the factory.  

Plastic and unsightly,

begging for bad business card design and 

poorly executed pleather bags 

being sold to unsuspecting naive tourists

in Chinatown.  


But yet, it pulls me in... 

How did this happen?

I peruse my stash of perfect writing pens

and plastic pom poms that overtake my art studio 

and see this color everywhere.

The plastic shopping cart at the home goods store,

the recognizable cute car of my friend, 

the spatula that eases its way into my sparse kitchen set.  

This shade demands that I pay attention and open my wallet

to spread the wealth and contribute to consumerism.  


And back across the color wheel and

down the rabbit hole of my city memories I go.  

Entry level lacquered nails 

for poorly paid office jobs in stifling cubicles.

Looking good on Gwen Stefani, 

but a bit overdone on me.

I prefer a highlight of saturation for

my aspirational minimalistic existence.  

Street style stars beckon attention 

adorned in artisinal ruby tie dyed kimonos

as they strike a pose for photographers at Coachella.

As for me, I’ll observe from afar 

and take notes 

on the shades of influence

that emerge during my daily 

foray into the city and 

back again into my creative cocoon.  

The interplay of brilliant green and

swatches of red 

reappear in my art studio and

on my works in progress.  

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  • Oh the dreaded color wheel. But oh so handy years later.


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