Black mascara and my beret ...

Before I talk about black mascara and my black beret, I’m going to digress to some deep(ish) thoughts... 

I knew it was time to start thinking about putting my fashion design career on hiatus when I felt a pit in my stomach every time I went fabric shopping for my collections.  The joy was slowly being sucked away from my former passion and I knew that it was only a matter or time before I would lose all interest in it.  Other factors came into play as I closed my boutique, but having a break to reevaluate my life and career was a top priority.  I took a last few gasps after I closed my boutique - but nothing felt quite right.  And then I started to question myself.  If I’m not a fashion designer and a boutique owner, then what am I?  

Since then, I’ve been craving that same excitement that I used to have for ME & Blue, my fashion business for years.  Where did it go?  And will I ever find it again?  These questions have taken me back to my core and helped me to start a soul searching journey.   I’m lucky to have the luxury of time to think about these things.  I seek out activities, people, and places that ignite my soul and bring me joy.   For years I could barely hear myself think as I was a hamster on a wheel, constantly churning out new designs, selling them, and starting the cycle again.  Now if I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I engage in something, I keep at it.  If I don’t, then it goes by the wayside.  It’s all a bit of trial and error.  Surface pattern designer?  I’m still debating.  Fashion stylist?  Not for me.   Voiceover artist?  Hell no.   Vintage dealer?  Been there, done that.  Artist?  It’s definitely calling to me right now.  Writer?  Maybe.  Blogger?  Hell yeah.  I could go on and on, but you get what I mean. If I feel good in my own skin when I’m doing it, then that seems to work.

But back to black mascara.  For a brief moment, I started to think that being a beauty blogger would be a fun thing to do.  I went online and started researching ways to become an “Influencer” and signed up on the “Influenster” site with an account.  And then I forgot about it.  

In the meantime, I’ve been needing a new tube of mascara for like ever.  It just hasn’t been a priority.  Shopping doesn’t bring me much joy nowadays and the minimalist in me hates to overindulge.  And then I got a surprise package from “Influentser.”  I had totally forgotten that I signed up ... I mean, I’m pushing 50 and most of these beauty bloggers are less than half my age.  And then the happiest of things happens - I open it up.  The swankiest tube of mascara from Marc Jacobs was inside.  Luscious, thick and making my long-ish lashes stretch to eternity.  All of which brings me back to what brings me joy - feeling good in my own skin.  And somehow this little black tube did it for me.  Just a flick on my lashes and I threw on a simple black beret.  I feel glam and empowered as I write this blog post.  Time to get back to the studio and create more art.    


 p.s. - so this isn’t really an “Ad”, but is part of the fun that I have with  I debated on how to write it, and only will endorse things that I truly love.  This is one of them.  

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