Art journaling, street posters, and keeping a travel log - part 1

I left mid September for a trip of a lifetime to Morocco.  Yes, that cool country in the northern most part of Africa.  I had seen plenty of boucherite rugs, leather poofs, and kilim rugs on my Instagram feed, and now it was time to see for myself.  

I set my intention to be open to see the details of things, think about new items that I would like to add to the ME & Blue brand, and how to incorporate art journaling into my travels and into my business.  I packed a mini journal, plus a bag full of art supplies that I used along the way with the end goal in mind of leading an art journal class at Project Soar in Marrakech.

First stop?  Paris.  I travelled from Asheville, NC and my friend, Cindy travelled from LA. What better place to meet than the City of Lights?   I lived in Paris as an Au Pair girl in the late 80’s, so it was fun to revisit.  The Eiffel Tower, plenty of rain, and lots of colorful shops in the Marais were on the agenda.  

But all of the sudden, I realized that my focus was on what I loved to do even as a teenager... find posters on the sides of the buildings.  Those ones that get slapped up all over the place and inspire the POST NO BILLS writings you often see to deter them.  As a teenager, I would pull down posters of upcoming concerts, art exhibitions, and random events.  Probably not my proudest moment, but I admit it... it was fun.  As an adult, it all came back to me.  And even better?  A little bit of rain to help them peel off easily.  I wanted to put these bits & pieces into my travel journal that I brought along... and so I did!  


The lovely part about these bits & pieces of paper is that they’re a thicker paper stock and can easily be added to your journal pages.  


They’re rich with color and fun to write on... who knew?!  

Here’s a peek into one of the pages that incorporates these thick bits of poster ephemera...

Stay tuned for more fun from my travels and tips & tricks to keeping your own travel art journal.  

XO, M.E. 


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