Art Journaling, crayon rubbings, ephemera, and keeping a travel journal - part 2

I love to art journal.  I’ve been doing it for years to envision what I want for my life.  What’s going on in my head, and to work out how to move forward.  When I travel, I’m inspired and encouraged to do so much more of it.  I love to shop, and see the people, and explore, and get lost.  But this little journal represents this and so much more.  

On my recent trip to Morocco, I had already packed a bunch of art supplies that I would be using for an art journal project at Project Soar.  I felt fully prepared to work on my mini book.  What made it easier was to have a separate small zip pouch that held my mini journal, but also a few jelly roll pens, washi tape, travel scissors, a crayon, a glue stick, a tiny paintbrush, and a watercolor set.  I carried this with me everywhere and enjoyed working on it at breakfast or at the end of the day.  

... and those travel scissors?  They made it through security all the way until I left Morocco.  So don’t get too attached to them, I was told they were fine.  But there’s no arguing with TSA’s, and no reason to, really.  

Along the way, I was really trying to see the details of everything around me.  We all gravitate to what we are attracted to.  Me?  Wall posters (see the previous post), and texture along the way.  I’m talking textures on doors, manholes, and wrapped around poles.  The best way to capture texture is to use a crayon.  

And for that ephemera?  Gather up tidbits... I’m talking a piece of a map, business cards, a feather along the way, a blade of grass, test swatches from the dyers souk, and even leftover perfume testers.  

Want to see how it all looks together?  Stay tuned.  


XO, M.E. 


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  • I love the idea for capturing textures! I’ve never thought of doing this. Thanks!


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