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Super Bloom 201 - Daffodils in Essouira / Spring Fling

Super Bloom 201 - Daffodils in Essouira / Spring Fling

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These Daffodils are inspired by the joy that I feel whenever I see daffodils start to peek through the ground in the early spring.  I feel like the daffodils are a gift to all of us, a reminder that there is joy and hope even after a long, cold winter.  I still remember the first daffodil that I grew - I had a little house in Philadelphia with a small side yard.  I had no idea about gardening, but planted some bulbs in the fall.  Oh what joy I felt when the daffodils started to bloom.  They were just as happy as I was for the spring!  This colorway is reminiscent of the pretty blue that is painted all over the gorgeous fishing village of Essouira, Morocco.  It's painted on walls and boats and mimics the ocean nearby, I love it!  


One of a kind, hand painted on a silk screen, then printed on heavyweight archival paper.    I work out of a screen print studio in East London called The Print Club.  


I do my best to capture the true colors of this print, but please note that colors may appear differently on your screen.  


Due to the nature of printing, there may be slight ink spots in the borders and variations in texture and ink coverage in the print.  These should not be considered flaws, but part of the hand created mono print process and add to the charm of the print.  


 Image:  32 cm x 41 cm printed


Paper:  40 cm x 50 cm


...fits into a standard size Ikea “Ribba” frame.  Ooooh whee!  Now doesn’t that make life easy?  


Signed at the bottom right corner, just below the print


Copyright reserved by M.E. Ster-Molnar