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As a kid, I would see a commercial for a certain brand of margarine pop up on the TV screen during a commercial break.  A woman would be dressed up as MOTHER NATURE.  All flowing chiffon and Stevie Nicks gone white witch goddess vibes with a dose of daisy flower crowns.  I loved it.  She would get so mad that the margarine she was tasting was so close to butter that she couldn’t tell the difference.  She didn’t like being fooled.  Check out old Chiffon Margarine ads on YouTube, you’ll get it! This was the inspiration for this piece.


Using a silkscreen technique, each of these mono prints resembles a painting.  What I love about it are the random oops and mistakes that can happen along the way that contribute to the perfect imperfections of each.


This piece is part of the SPRING FRESH 2022 collection - a mix of works released mid April 2022 that is inspired by my latest idea of  more regular works, loosely connected but without the big fanfare of a huge release.  Think of these works like hit singles that all come from your favourite artist - me! ;-) 

One of a kind, hand painted on a silk screen, then printed on Somerset Satin 300GSM paper and signed at the bottom right hand side.  I work out of a screen print studio in East London called The Print Club.  


I do my best to capture the true colors of this original, but please note that colors may appear differently on your screen.  


Due to the nature of the painting then the screen print process, there may be slight flaws that are part of the charm of an original, hand made mono print.  


Paper size:  77 cm x 112 cm on Somerset Satin, 100% paper.  


Framing:  I recommend custom framing on this piece.   


I offer framing options in London for pick up only, please email with any inquiries.  


Signed at the bottom right corner.