Peace, Love & London

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I learned to screenprint in college but never really gave it much thought.  Living in London, I was fortunate enough to take a class this past summer at the Print Club and I was hooked!


As I have been screen printing, I have been experimenting with lots of techniques ... and I love the way that hand created images can be translated to the silkscreen process.  


In this piece, I wrote in a very flow writing method a love letter to London.  Here’s what it says... 


Peace, love and London.  Whew!  I need peace, I definitely need love & I need London.  But oops But all 3 are a pretty cool combo...don’t you think?  So here I am printing this - I’m still a rookie at screen printing - hence the oops and all.  So if you like this - awesome!  If not, it’s OK too.  Here’s the thing - I am an LA gal at heart, but I’m learning to love London.  There are so so ------ many ways to make art.  And... living in London, well - I miss the sunshine A LOT.  It’s a BIG issue for me - so I make art.  I paint, I do art journals.  What else?  Sometimes I do street art - don’t tell the cops.  I got a ticket for that once.  In NYC --- the cop told me I could get locked up for doing that.  OOPS.  But I digress - I am trying new things - so - here I am.  My hand hurts from all of this handwriting.  And I’m not a writer - well, maybe I am.  My tarot card reader told me to write.  That way I can figure out what I want to do when I grow up - LOL.  My mom told me it was a waste of $.  Maybe not.  I feel better as I write this.  Kindof like therapy.  But back to the real reason I’m writing all of this.  It’s all about...Peace and Love and London.  And don’t worry, Los Angeles, I’ll write to you very, very soon.  but Now...It’s Peace + Love + London ... XO, M.E.  


Signed in pencil on the bottom right.  Edition number on the bottom left.  


Edition of 100 on heavy weight, archival paper - 300 GSM Canaletto.


50 cm x 70 cm / Ships worldwide in a tube.