Mini Bloom #131 - Daffodil at Midnight  / Light Bright

Mini Bloom #131 - Daffodil at Midnight / Light Bright

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I became a gardener a bit later in life and had no idea how bulbs worked.  Then one fall I threw a bunch in the ground and honestly forgot about them.  I still remember the first daffodil that I grew.   It was a particularly challenging winter and I had a corporate job that was slowly undoing me.  That daffodil was a sign that something outside of all of the present moment was in charge.  Beauty.  Every spring I'm reminded of that single daffodil and to keep going.  

This is a hand painted piece ... I create this by painting directly onto a silkscreen and transferring the image to the paper beneath using a squeegee.  What I love about it are the imperfections and unexpected marks that occur by using this process, called a mono print (just one!)  I work out of a collective studio in East London called Print Club London.  

The Light Bright Collection is a collection that looks at the idea of bright pops of color against darkness.  As a kid, I was fascinated by the kid's game of the same name that lit up in a futuristic way.  That same vibe was felt when I would go to concerts and glow bracelets were adorned, appearing to light up as the overhead lights went down and the concert would soon start.  Nowadays I see flashes of neon on the city streets.  A glowing reminder to look on the bright side.  

I do my best to capture the true colors of this original, but please note that colors may appear differently on your screen.  

Due to the nature of the painting and then the screen printing process, there may be slight flaws that are part of the charm of an original, hand made monoprint. 

23 cm x 23 cm / 9" x 9" with the image size 12 cm x 12 cm / 4.7" x 4.7" 

I love this piece in a standard 23 cm frame that is easily available at places like Ikea.  

Signed in pencil at the bottom right corner as well as on the back.  

Ships flat, worldwide shipping available.

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