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Ideas and sayings pop in my head constantly.  Some make sense.  Some I write down, some I toss, some I think about.  


This saying came to my mind earlier this year.  And since I’m now screen printing, I was like - cool, this will make a great campaign.  So I started with a t-shirt!  I even hand sewed in the ME & Blue label... oooh.  


As a Generation Xer, technology has changed my life.  I can talk about my old school rotary phone and trying do graphic design in the 80’s without a computer.  But I can also talk about how I’ve worked to keep up with technology.  Technology and hashtags aren’t going away, but how we live with them can be managed by us.  I chat with Millennials to GenXers to Boomers and they all seem to chuckle at this trademarked saying.  


This t-shirt I screen printed in a group print studio that I belong to in East London.  I keep a few in stock, but please allow up to 5 business days to have your shirt shipped since I print them on demand.    


100% cotton unisex, fitted style.  



XS (34/36)

S (36/38)

M (39/41)

L (42/44)

XL (45/47)

XXL (48/50)


Laura is wearing the XS and she is a UK 4/6 (XS/S women’s size)

I’m (M.E. ) wearing the M and I’m normally a US women’s 12